Fort Martin Scott in Fredericksburg

Do you like strolls of pre-Civil War military stations, and finding out about major army bases in the US? If yes, then a visit through Fort Martin Scott is something you should add to your to-do list. Fortress Martin Scott has an intriguing history and has been home to various people, including American officers, Texas Rangers, and the Braeutigam family.

Situated across Gillespie County Law Enforcement Center at 1606 E. Central Avenue, Fredericksburg, Fort Martin Scott is a Texas-based site, and one of the first US Army establishments to be set up in Texas. The fortress comprises a nature trail with wonderful wildflowers and untamed life extending from the northern locale of the stronghold for about 0.5 miles to Barons Creek. The trailhead comprises a bird daze built by the Fredericksburg Rotary Club. The post’s circle trail brings the aggregate length of the path to around 1 mile. At present, the City of Fredericksburg operates the former army installation giving school visits, pre-booked visits with a guide, and independently directed strolling trips Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm. The site also offers independently directed excursions of the site’s quadrangle with interpretive signage. The former army installation does re-enactments two times each year, and the board of trustees meets multiple times each year. The former army base houses one unique battalion building, which has been restored, three-generation army structures, and an old animal dwelling place used in the late 1800s. The former army base was operated by the United States military between 1848 and 1853, to shield wayfarers and foreigners from assaults by Indians on the Fredericksburg-San Antonio Road. However, after some time, the Fredericksburg-based German settlers created a peace agreement with the Comanche Indians, prompting the loss of Fort Martin Scott’s fundamental significance. Texas Rangers also utilized the station as a campground during the military occupation. At the point when the Civil War broke out, the Confederate States officers were stationed at the fortress for a brief period. After the confederate soldiers relinquished the post, the Braeutigam family claimed the fortress and utilized it for cultivating purposes. In 1949, the city of Fredericksburg gained the previous army installation and presently owns the property.

Seven Armed Forces establishments were erected between 1848 to 1849 to ensure the protection of West Texas settlers following the War of Mexico. The military posts included Forts Lincoln, Gates, Graham, Worth, Duncan, Croghan, and Martin Scott. The Martin Scott installation was first established on 5th December 1848, under the name Camp Houston and housed groups H and D, and the First US Infantry under Captain Seth Eastman. It was positioned on Barons Creek, around 3 km (2 miles) southeast of the city of Fredericksburg. The military station before long developed to house an assortment of 21 structures. The soldiers protected the street Fredericksburg to San Antonio and its environs. One of the principal goals of the station was the prevention of attacks against German settlers by Indians. Indians often traded with German settlers. However, their movement into and out of Fredericksburg regularly brought about conflicts. These assaults made it essential to build up security in the zone.…