From a Former Army Base to Texas Historical Site

Between 1870 and 1959, the Braeutigam folks bought the former army installation. Johabb Wolfgang Braeutigam had moved from the Kaltenlengsfeld district of Germany, with his folks, and advanced toward Indianola in 1845. He and his significant other chose to settle in Fredericksburg with their 9 youngsters. In 1870, the Braeutigam moved into the former army base, after soldiers deserted it and utilized it as a farm. On 3rd September 1884, Johann Braeutigam was murdered in a theft involving 4 individuals who were after Biergarten’s cash box. The Braeutigam family later sold the property to Fredericksburg City.

Some of the remarkable highlights of the former army base include: the quarters for the post commander which previously acted as the Braeutigam garden, 6 structures of troops’ houses, sutler’s warehouse and store, pastry kitchen with a stove, laundry, emergency military clinic, 3 sets of battalions for enlisted troops, quartermaster’s warehouse, a blacksmith store, and shed-fused stable. The watch house is presently the station’s only surviving structure after it was restored to mirror its underlying design of cut limestone, during the beginning of the 1900s.

In 1936, the former army installation was transformed into a Texas Historical Site. It was recorded under marker 10039, and on 20th January 1980, it was incorporated as one of the Historical destinations in Texas in the National Register. In 1986, the Heritage Federation of Fredericksburg began to rebuild the former army installation as a tourist destination. In 2010, the former Texas Rangers of Historic Landmark Association chose to erect the 3,842-square-meter (more than 41,000 square foot) Heritage Center close to the former army installation, and the City Council of Fredericksburg affirmed the plans. The Center is an instructive affiliation that centers around legacies of the area, such as Texas Rangers, Gillespie district, and the former army installation. The groundbreaking ceremony for the multi-million-dollar venture occurred in October 2011. As of now, the City of Fredericksburg runs the previous army installation giving school visits, pre-booked guided visits, and independently directed strolling visits Tuesday through Sunday from 10 am to 5 pm.

Whether you appreciate taking visits around old army bases, love finding out about major armed force establishments, or a Fredericksburg inhabitant curious about your old neighborhood’s history, visiting Fort Martin Scott is something you should consider. The tour’s independently directed nature makes it additionally energizing and allows you to investigate your interest in Fort Martin Scott to the furthest reaches. Please note that the City of Fredericksburg is the only authorized organization responsible for fortress’ issues. No other association has the approval to collect money on behalf of Fort Martin Scott.…